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What Is Individual Ad Campaign?

Individual ad campaign is simply a solution for an individual user who want to get more popularity, recognition or personal branding for his pre-determined goals.

How An Individual Get Recognized To Succeed ?

An individual can get recognized in following ways:

  • Recognizing himself/herself to connect with right audiences by posting photos, text content or other suitable manner.
  • A person who is working independently or working as independent or employee for any corporate/firm; can easily meet sales and marketing targets using the personal account.
  • anyone can generate more leads and get connected with target audiences.

Is this campaign available on other social media?

No. On other social media; corporate solution is the major focused area. Users are engaged by featured tools but users cannot enjoy personal branding and advertising in huge traffic due to huge cost which is beyond the capacity to afford.

What Is The Self Controlled Budget ?

The cost for your post boost is in your hands. You may select target audience and run time as per your choice.

What Are The Billing Methods For My Ad Campaign ?

There are two types of billing option at talkever:

1. Lump Sum Payment Invoicing

  • 100% budget will be considered as spend in one shot at the time when you press "Boost Button" and deducted from ad wallet. This method is also called fixed budget payment method.
  • You invoice will be generated at the same time.
  • It is also known as CPL Method (Cashback per Like).
  • Ad run will stop automatically on reaching run time limit or audience traffic reach irrespective of likes.

2. Flexible Payment Invoicing

  • This is a reducing balance method in which invoice will be generated when your post boost stopped.
  • You have the freedom to stop your post boost any time at your own discretion.
  • Your budget spent is considered on post performance and user actions on your post such as post reach, post impression and likes.
  • You may choose billing method from the following options

    CPC method: Cost per Click

    CPM Method: Cost per 1000 impressions

    CPS Method or Inbox Method: Cost per Send

  • Your post run will automatically stopped in following cases

    When ad wallet is 100% exhausted.

    100% audience target is reached

    Post run time is completed

Which Invoicing Method Will Be Beneficial For Individual Ad Campaign?

It will be the decision of an Individual or an user. But in our opinion; Lump sum payment method will be best suitable because of following reasons:

1. Cashback benefits:

  • Get your budget spent back on users action on your boost post.
  • Enjoy 100% Cashback in terms of income per like (IPL) when friends of your network and users other than your network clicks on your post and then they like your post.
  • This privileged solution give you opportunity of "Free Campaigns".

2. Post Performance Rewards:

  • Get encouraged when your post perform better and attract more traffic with impressive and eye catching design, images, contents or styles.
  • Get loyalty up to 200% of your budget spent. Additional likes after 100% Cashback; will be considered for post performance reward.
  • This solution boost your capabilities to repeat the ad campaigns or keep you passionate to reach the desired goals by multiple ads campaigns.
  • In general; your post works as cash machine for you.

What Are The Special In Flexible Payment Option ?

  • Yes, of course! You have outstanding flexibility in managing, controlling and maintaining your post boost campaign and budget in your hands.
  • You may withdraw you remaining balance in your ad wallet or may use in another ad campaign.
  • Other than flexibility; You may enjoy 200% to 400% free discount policy which works on users actions.
  • It is the opportunity to unlock free traffic source per click.
  • But this option not allow you to get Cashback and post performance loyalty to enjoy for free.

What Is The Distict Objectives Of The Individual ads Campaign ?

Basically everybody want to success in life. In current era individual recognition and relationship is the key matter to approach up to the end user.

So this campaign help to reach up to target audience. hence; it is a marketing solution for an individual with complete analytics and tracking reports.

How To Pay Amount In Ad Wallet ?

  • Very simple ! Click on the "ADD BUDGET" from Bank or from loyalty balance.
  • Fill the details in order form
  • Select payment mode "Offline" or "Online"
  • Press on "SUBMIT" button
   

How To Start My Campaign Or How To Boost My Post ?

  • Click on "Start my campaign" link at menu bar
  • Select type of campaign "Individual Campaign" or "Corporate Campaign"

    Select purpose of the campaign as solution for "Branding, Marketing or Sales"

  • In case of Individual Campaign; Click on "Get Started" button
  • In case of Individual Campaign; Click on "Get Started" button

    If you select "Existing Post"; then find a list of all post at your profile page and select any one and press button "Boost It Now".

    If you select "New Post"; then Create a new post & Click on the "Boost It Now" button

  • Select network area (Personal network, Public Network or Social Network) in which you want to advertise your post
  • Select billing method (Lump sum or Flexible)

    In case of lump sum option, Select invoicing CPL (Called Cashback per Like)

    In case of flexible option, Select invoicing CPC (Cost per click), CPM (Cost per impression) or CPS (cost per send)

  • Select "Run Time" and "Audience" traffic target on the drag scale and get the estimated budget instantly.
  • "Accept" terms and conditions
  • Press on "RUN" button

What Is Minimum Or Maximum Limits To Maintain Balance In My Ad Account?

  • You must add minimum INR 400/- or maximum no limits
  • You may add more balance any time in between ad post run as per your choice.
  • In case of insufficient balance in your ads account, you will get message then you may take action to add more balance to get started your campaign.
  • In case of flexible payment method; you need to keep close watch on your reducing balance to avoid stoppage of your campaign. We will email you to notify you about balance remaining every day.

How Can I Check The Performance Of My Ads Campaigns?

  • Click on "Reporting & Analytics" tab
  • Measure the ROI of your talkfever ads
  • Get the list of your ads campaigns
  • Get real time data on your campaign performance and demographics insights


    Measure conversions

    Clicks & Views

    Social actions (Likes, Rates, Comments, Engage)

    Budget spent

    Campaign status

    Days run and days left

    Performance graph

    Analyze & Compare post performance

    Understand your audience (Age, gender, location, profession, interest, country, job title etc)