FeaturesOur technology can handle up to 1 billion cliks / day per account

Secure Cloud - Hosted Tracker

Our completely safe tracking software keeps all your data in a secure cloud, so there is no need to spend your time and money on extra servers or software.

Real - Time Statistics and Data Reporting

The updated data appears in the tracker immediately. Any changes are reflected in your reports instantly.

Mobile Tracking

Explore all the Talkfever functional possibilities while working with mobile traffic. Analyze and refine mobile data by required mobile carriers and models.

Traffic Targeting

Targeting ensures that the most relevant data to be displayed to the interested user, thus increasing the profitability of your advertising campaigns

Custom Redirect Domains

Talkfever allows to use as many custom redirect domains as required, avoiding issues with common domains using.

High Data Quality and Actuality

We are proud to mention that due to using the most recent and complete databases Talkfever passes the most comprehensive user data in the reports. There is no need to spend time and money on any other extra services.



Your post will be boosted in your friends and their friends network only. Its works with the unlocking of manifold generations of your personal friends connected and created by you.

It gives you opportunity to boost your post in unlimited traffic in unlocked network generation at lowest cost.

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Your post will be boosted across the talkfever which covers both personal network and public network which is a network of other than your friends.

You may enjoy this feature without a single friend in your personal network.

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Boost your post contents in the social friends network which is created by you with add friends option. It give you highest traffic source at medium cost.

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