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Talkfever as an opportunity in social media

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Talkfever is a revolution in the social media world. Philosophically; management think that its users are brand ambassadors who make the publicity by mouth to mouth and help to grow worldwide.

Real fact is that social media trend gained high popularity in corporate ads on the presence of users and their time spent. Therefore; considering the truth, talkfever offered the monetized solutions for loyalty sharing for word of mouth when users talk about talkfever and time when they use it.

Strategies are now in favor of social users to convert their friends network in to networth with the key objectives of social balancing and capabilities boosting by unlocking traffic of millions of people.

Hence; you may enjoy timeline with trendline and earn loyalty on activities of millions of people such as invite friends, personal post likes, corporate ads likes, comment, share, chat, calls, logins as well as 1000+ e-services, e-businesses, branding and marketing or campaigns.

This solution encourage social traffic to participate in the campaigns by which they can achieve ever highest CTR and increases active users ratio.

"Talkfever is not a business but it is a mission of social and national interest"

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My Recommendation

  • Invite your personal contact in your mobile phone.
  • Talk with your colleagues, neighbors, friends, relatives, family members who are using other social media platform.
  • Convert your network into networth.
  • You will get paid loyalty up Rs. 20 per friend sign up free.
  • You may choose friend club as Yellow, Blue, Green & Global to create your own audience traffic source by unlocking network of your friends.
  • You may create traffic source up to 10000000 user's for future use.
  • It works with the monetization policy same as google/youtube. But talkfever share revenue up to 70% to the social community to meet the objectives of social balancing and individual capabilities boosting.

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About Talkfever


Leadership and excellence in
humanitarian work.


Mobilizing the power of humanity to
support vulnerable.

How To Create Account?

1Fill sign up form
2Follow verification process in simple 3 steps
1Upload original photo
2Complete your profile
3Upload anyone I'd proof to verify your identity

Fill the I'd number of your identity proof such as AADHAAR, PAN, DL, VOTER CARD etc

Your identity proof must be clearly visible to get approval from talkfever admin. If not clear; your account will not be activated.

How To Build Friend Network??

Invite Friends

  • Invite your personal contacts for sign up/ create account absolutely FREE.
  • You will get paid loyalty for word of mouth publicity by which you as well as talkfever growing together.
  • Sending your reference link.

Add Friends

  • Search your friends who are already signed up by the reference of others.
  • Find your friends to whom you missed to connect in your personal friend club
  • You may connect maximum 15000 friends.

Account TypesReach on choice face to face

User Account(Yellow, Blue, Green, Global)

Select your account and create your own traffic for future

Business Account

Create shop at Global Citishop
Create ad at Bindas India
Create business profile

Corporate AccountFor corporate advertisement

Create Page
Create Ads

VIP/Premium AccountHigh Secure

All VVIP personnel may protect their account with high secured features

Unique Features

Social Race

It is meant for "Revolutionary Approach For Competitive Excellence" for an individual or business or corporate where social community is readily available to participate in the promotional campaigns. By this unique strategy; we are able to keep our whole social community round the clock excited across the globe to act, react, response, connect, engage, like, comment with the advertisement for business or personal objectives.

Social ATM

Social ATM is an ultimate solution for following two objectives:

For Traffic Generation Source

Social ATM is meant for "Audience Traffic Machine" which allow to every individual to create his/her own network of millions of audiences by unlocking multi channel network of personal friends. It gives tremendous opportunity to get loyalty for audience traffic generation with words of mouth promotion when you invite and connect your friends. Hence; it convert your network into networth.

For Personalized Promotion Solution

Social ATM is meant for "Audience Targeting Machine" which allow branding or advertising at nominal cost with cashback solution for FREE advertising. You may use this huge traffic source for promotion of your personal and professional activities to attract the social community with faster response rate due to recognition, relationship and rewards (RRR).

Social IPL

It is meant for "Income Per Like" strategy to meet the multiple objectives to cover the wide scope not only related to social community but also Indian National Aims. Boost your post on 'timeline' with trendline and make your post cash machine.

Main objectives are:

Cashback for FREE:

While personalized ad post, it allow you to get cashback of your promotional cost to use the audience traffic source free in terms of post likes

Post Performance Reward:

You may create your post with attractive design and text contents to catch the attention of millions of people and get rigorous likes and get them converted into reward up to 200% of your ad cost spent to boost your post.

Constructive Mind:

To attract the attention on the posts, everyone will think more creative, more constructive and more social influencing which keep you engaged to do something unique, something special and something extraordinary. These mental activities eliminate destructive mind space, demoralization, disappointment or negativity phenomena which are harmful for social community as well as yourself.

Progressive Trend:

Positive, Creative and progressive mind track will open the doors to get desired successes.


The word is not only related with getting good job but also it can be defined in broad sense. Conclusively; employment is defined as "compensation for time spent". By proper utilization of time may get more opportunities to keep yourself engaged.

National and Social Security:

Offensive, destructive and criminal mentality is major concern of the nation and society and Govt. makes all provisions for precautionary and safety measure to keep the situation in total control. Hence; it is very attentive situation that we all together and/or entire social community must create healthy environment by doing something special of their own interest which indirectly may impact on creating healthy and safe environment internally. That's why our policy states that change yourself and inspire other to contribute towards nation and society. Collective efforts of society will surely steer the nation to move on international front.