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Realizing the full potential and participation of global community to drive the new era of development, growth and productivity by creating healthy culture of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam".



(A strategy for Roadmap of Success)

Building a clearly defined roadmap of bunch of successes in everyone's life by revolutionary approach for competitive excellence called RACE.


(A strategy for Social Partnership)

By creating an environment of respect for people as brand ambassador, our mission strategy is based on social partnership in accordance with Individual Participation Level called IPL.


(A strategy for social balancing)

By focusing on the challenging world class strategies to bring the equilibrium in social structure, we will convert social network into net-worth by connecting million people like audience targeting machine called ATM.


(A strategy for Social Empowerment)

By creating the difference in social media Monetization for Individual Need of Development called MIND

Why Choose Talkfever?

Social Engagement

Share stories, Create post, Write articles, Add friend, Invite friend, Followers, Following, Create pages and group, Chats, Likes, Power likes, Comments, Share, Photo album, Video Junction, Games and quiz mania.

Promotional Features

Boost profile, promote yourself, boost popularity, engage with similar professional interest, generate leads, become advertiser and publisher, Create ads, become ad sponsor, Viral Ads, Monetize your timeline, pages, group, and videos.

News feed

Get real time update of regional, national and international news posted by print and electronic media. Follow media pages to get notifications.

Business Directory

Business search, E-commerce and S-commerce, Properties, Food portals, Job portals, Medical portals, Cabs, hotels etc


E-shop portal with objective of Digitalization of offline marketplace, Shop connection globally, socio business partnership solutions,

Start Up Help

Specifically designed for new start ups, Connect your new businesses, share your business ideas, Boost start up business with idea sharing, Find angel or institutional Investors for new start up,

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Learn a little more about Talkfever and how we started

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Meet our Team

The visionary people who think and honor respect that every user is our brand ambassador who always promote us with the words of mouth. when they talk about us among the friends.

Shivram Verma

Shivram Verma

Founder & CEO
Preeti Singh

Preeti Singh

Core team member
James Spiegel

Ankur Grover

Core team member